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Rouge Tomate Chelsea makes its home in the Landmarked carriage house building at 126 West 18th Street. Designed by the renowned Bentel & Bentel Architects, it is one of the greenest restaurants in New York City and manifests sustainability and authenticity.

The entryway features a living plant wall designed by Ian Rothman, and greenery pervades the restaurant’s interior spaces. Inside, white brick supporting walls frame two long spaces. The first is the bar; the second the dining room, with its open kitchen and chef’s counter. Reclaimed wood is complemented by leather and bronze, materials that recall the building’s history as a carriage house. Throughout, carefully considered lighting and sound create a warm ambience.

Artist Per Fronth’s “Photosynthesis,” depicting trees, light and sky, created for the restaurant’s previous location, has been reincorporated into the restaurant’s design, thus continuing the spirit of sustainability and demonstrating the strong respect for nature that is reflected in both the food and beverage program. The granite and slate floors of the bar area and stone wine vessel are reminders of a wine’s terroir.

A private dining room on the upper floor features wood cladding saved from Hurricane Sandy, and two fireplaces that were discovered during construction, and restored.