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For more than 15 years Rouge Tomate has been a culinary pioneer in America and Europe, combining culinary arts, nutrition, and sustainability.

Rouge Tomate Chelsea’s cuisine starts with a balance of pristine ingredients. Plants play the most prominent role: Local seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and greens are complemented by responsibly-raised fish, meat, and poultry. Our goal is to enhance and accentuate these flavors, but always respect the nature of the ingredients we use. It is a combination of both modern technique and artful restraint.

The restaurant meets the criteria for three-star SPE® certification, a testament to our commitment to health and sustainability*. Rouge Tomate Chelsea is an unparalleled model for sustainable dining: carefully considerate of what is put on the plate, and forever dedicated to excellent food.

*Because of its affiliation with SPE Development US INC., Rouge Tomate Chelsea is not an “SPE-certified” restaurant although it fully applies the principles of SPE. Learn more about the certification here!