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For more than 15 years Rouge Tomate has been a culinary pioneer in America and Europe, combining culinary arts, nutrition, and sustainability.

Rouge Tomate Chelsea’s cuisine starts with a balance of pristine ingredients. Plants play the most prominent role: Local seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and greens are complemented by responsibly-raised fish, meat, and poultry. Our goal is to enhance and accentuate these flavors, but always respect the nature of the ingredients we use. It is a combination of both modern technique and artful restraint.

The restaurant meets the criteria for three-star SPE® certification, a testament to our commitment to health and sustainability*. Rouge Tomate Chelsea is an unparalleled model for sustainable dining: carefully considerate of what is put on the plate, and forever dedicated to excellent food. We can’t wait to share it with you.

—Andy, Dave, Randall, Ed

*Because of its affiliation with SPE Development US INC., Rouge Tomate Chelsea is not an “SPE-certified” restaurant although it fully applies the principles of SPE. Learn more about the certification here!



Today we are paying more and more attention to the origins of our food; we need to give our beverages the same consideration.

At Rouge Tomate Chelsea, we aim to offer tasty, complex, exciting wines, spirits, liquors, beers, teas, coffees...any liquid you can dream of drinking.

Our producers are careful, dedicated, and responsible. They are first and foremost farmers supporting an idea of farming that is respectful of the future. They vinify, brew, and distill complex, flavorful ingredients with the fewest additives possible, to encapsulate a real transparency of place, time and culture in a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

By our choices, we are engaged citizens of this world; and it is not only good for the planet, it is also good for us — and good for the palate! The whole team is excited to share all of these stories, and to toast with you.

—Pascaline, Linda, James, Cristian, John




Our mission is to provide an extraordinary dining experience that supports the total well-being of the individual and the environment.

“In this modern era of food politics and diet debates, the idea of a restaurant that offers great food without compromising people’s health and that of the planet seems almost too good to be true. At Rouge Tomate Chelsea, we’re addressing these challenges with vision, innovation and passion, striving to create something of real value and lasting impact. This is our commitment and we live it every day.



Rouge Tomate Chelsea makes its home in the Landmarked carriage house building at 126 West 18th Street. Designed by the renowned Bentel & Bentel Architects, it is one of the greenest restaurants in New York City and manifests sustainability and authenticity.

The entryway features a living plant wall designed by Ian Rothman, and greenery pervades the restaurant’s interior spaces. Inside, white brick supporting walls frame two long spaces. The first is the bar; the second the dining room, with its open kitchen and chef’s counter. Reclaimed wood is complemented by leather and bronze, materials that recall the building’s history as a carriage house. Throughout, carefully considered lighting and sound create a warm ambience.

Artist Per Fronth’s “Photosynthesis,” depicting trees, light and sky, created for the restaurant’s previous location, has been reincorporated into the restaurant’s design, thus continuing the spirit of sustainability and demonstrating the strong respect for nature that is reflected in both the food and beverage program. The granite and slate floors of the bar area and stone wine vessel are reminders of a wine’s terroir.

A private dining room on the upper floor features wood cladding saved from Hurricane Sandy, and two fireplaces that were discovered during construction, and restored.




Private Dining

With rooms to accommodate various size groups and seasonal menus and beverage pairings tailored for your guests, our events team offers a fully customizable experience for a unique, memorable event.

Download our Private Dining Kit here!

For more information, contact events@rougetomate.com.


Upcoming Events

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